Essentials by Edwina X Celfie Cosmetics

Essentials by Edwina is the premier lipstick collection by Edwina Kulego, International Business Developer for UBM Fashion Group. Edwina and I met over 10 years ago as fashion interns at ESSENCE Magazine. We’ve worked photoshoots together, laughed until we cried and danced the night away into the wee hours of the morning. Edwina stood beside … More Essentials by Edwina X Celfie Cosmetics

Thank God It’s Natural Hair Review and Faux Locs Takeown

Happy August! New month, new goals, you know the drill. 2017 is seriously flying by. We’re getting closer to my favorite season, soon it’ll be time for Thanksgiving and winter protective styles. Speaking of protective styles, I removed my DIY faux locs last week. Thankfully the removal didn’t take as long as the installing. If … More Thank God It’s Natural Hair Review and Faux Locs Takeown

Back and Up!

I took a break from posting, while I contemplated renaming and rebranding my site. After some thought, I’m keeping the name ‘GirlWithNoCable’ and it’s message. Thank you to each and every Queen who has visited my site, read a post, liked or commented. I took for granted the space I made here. I won’t ever … More Back and Up!

Stitch’D Factory

Hey Queens! I really need to get on a schedule for posting here… it’s just so easy doing everything from Instagram. BTW, if you aren’t following me on IG then you’re missing out! I share all my hair tips, styles and purchases there. If you do follow me on IG than you may have seen … More Stitch’D Factory

Life Update

It’s been entirely too long since I’ve posted here. Granted, 2016 has been a crazy year (with a big move, new house, new job…etc.), but I hate that I’ve neglected the one thing that I really enjoy most: writing.  While my Instagram blogging activities have been daily, I need to get back on a schedule … More Life Update