It’s Valentine’s Day?

This year I actually have a Valentines. A great guy I’ve been dating for months now and all is wonderful…but, I got to thinking: even with an amazing guy in my life, I STILL don’t care about Valentine’s Day. It may not be a ‘made up’ holiday, but we here in America will use any excuse to eat (Thanksgiving), drink (Superbowl) and shop (Christmas, Black Friday) heavily and left without guilt. So I decided to list 10 reasons why you should love today, even if you don’t have that special someone.

1 – It’s a Friday and Fridays are awesome.

2 – The funny Vines and internet memes that are being created just for this day.

3 – Someone around you probably received a box of chocolates. Eat their chocolates!

4 – There are also probably flowers around. Flowers are dope.

5 – Look around, do you have the best shaped eyebrows, the whitest teeth, are you the funniest person? Odds are you are better than someone else at something, celebrate that.

6 – You’re reading this right now, which means you probably have a laptop, computer or a smartphone and most importantly an internet connection.

7 – have you seen this video yet?

8 – exactly 9 days from today Scandal returns with new episodes.

9 – You’re not Lil’ Mama

10 – Cheese. Cheese will always be there.


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