Under Production

Under Production

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with Sherese Robinson Lee, a very talented screenwriter and director from New York. I’ve worked with Sherese and her team before as a stylist on a short film called If I Were a Bell. Watch IIWAB here on WuTV. This film has won multiple awards including 1st place in the Hollywood Black Film Festival, CENFLO Award for Best Short and 2013 Silver Lei International Film Festival Award.

When she is not writing and directing award winning films, Sherese is a Film and Video professor at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and co owner of Limebeat, a music and sound production agency. She is a known advocator for giving back to the community and often employs her students as grips, production assistants and camera crew on many of her films. learn more about Limebeat here.

During the taping of IIWAB I worked with an amazing cast and crew. I really enjoying the challenge and almost instant satisfaction of styling. Weeks of shopping and prepping, long hours and late nights were well worth it once I saw the final cut.

When Sherese asked me to be a part of her newest project Clean Woman, release date still pending, of course I said yes. Here are some stills from the shoot:

The actors were so awesome and talented. It was a small cast but Leeway Lan, Adrianna Mitchell and little Jaden Michael were some of the most professional and humble people I’ve ever worked with.

Have you ever heard of ModelMayhem? This is a great site for makeup artists, wardrobe stylists and photographers to showcase their work and experience. You create a profile or portfolio and can contact each other for advice, reviews and jobs. Some opportunities are paid, while many are pro bono to build each other’s portfolio and contacts. MM has a very strict acceptance policy. You have to provide at least 4 professional photos of your work, write a bio and submit your application to be reviewed by a moderator. It is then either approved or rejected. You have up to three chances to be accepted to the site, so choose your images and words carefully!

I hope to be involved in even more styling and film projects. It’s something I didn’t know I would enjoy until I tried it. So get out there, try something new! You never know where it could lead you. It’s all about who you know and how hard you’re willing to work for your dreams.


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