Face Off

Over all I’d say I have pretty good skin. I’m not prone to too many break outs and after discovering Shea butter for my face, I’ve noticed significant improvements to my dark marks and discoloration. I always get compliments on my skin and honestly don’t do anything special or out of the ordinary. I’ve just learned (after many trails and errors) what works best for my skin.

I have found though that when I did use ‘acne free’ or medicated products it just made my skin dependent on the ingredients and actually break out more. For a long time I used Clean and Clear, Neutrogena, all sorts of (expensive) brands and still felt my skin was either too dry or too oily. I would wake up with huge pimples and never could resist the urge to pop them, leaving scars, dark marks and that wonderful feeling of regret.

About a year ago I decided to ditch the fancy face washes and just keep it simple. And it’s done wonders. I wash my face twice a day with Dove White Beauty Bar. It’s moisturizing, mild and leaves my face feeling very clean; it’s only $3 and last for months! It even removes my makeup and mascara. If I’m wearing lipstick or eye shadow I’ll use a cotton swab and remove with olive oil.

Although I am happy with my skin, why not try something new. Last week I experimented with facial masks. Again, I’ve tried medicated masks, strips, pore shrinkers, blah blah, and they all have left my face feeling extremely dry. So this time I wanted to go all natural! Since going natural with my hair, I have an abundance of oils, fruits, mixes, etc that are dual purpose and can also be used for the skin. After reviewing what ingredients I already had in my fridge, I went with an avocado mask. I found 4 really great recipes, but decided on the Avocado Egg mask because it promotes balanced, glowing skin. All these ingredients you probably already have: half an avocado (no pit), tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 egg white. I added a dash of honey for smoothness. After mashing all my ingredients with a fork, I applied the mask with a small, soft paint brush and left it on for 15 minutes.

I washed it off using warm water and honestly my face felt amazing. My skin was so soft and smooth, I couldn’t believe it. I will definitely be adding this mask to my skin care regimen about once a week. hehe, ignore the tatted arm, it’s the boyfriend

So excited about my next post! It’s something that I wanted to talk about for a while and finally had the chance to write it out.


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