Six Month Natural Hair Update

Can’t believe it’s been six months since declaring my natural hair and only four months since my Big Chop! Even though I still get insecure about my short hair, I have never been happier, prouder or this involved in my hair and its health.

I don’t think I’ll ever miss having permed straight hair. I do at times miss the weaves and the ‘glamour’ of the fullness and inches, but I know with time, patience and consistency my hair may one day reach bra strap length!

A few days after my BC

I have my routine pretty much mastered and have noticed a significant difference in my hair and how it behaves. I cowash about twice a week and deep conditioning every Monday night. I shampoo using the no sulfate Cream of Nature brand every two weeks. Only after shampooing do I use the Ahphogee 2 minute protein treatment. I like this because it’s quick, easy and my hair feels stronger and not weak from the shampoo. I’ve learn my hair doesn’t do well if slept on loose, so I’ve started two strand twisting it, small twists on Sundays to set it for the week, and then larger twists every night after to keep it fresh.

I trimmed my ends for the first time since my BC. Prior my ends we so rough, tangled easily and I had knots! Those small fairy knots are horrible. But after my trim my hair breaks wayyyy less and my twist outs look thicker and even shine better. Whether you’ve heard it before, cutting your ends really does make a difference in your hair’s health and even styles. A quarter of an inch now may save you 3 inches later.

Last week’s twist out using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smootie

I’m still on the quest for the perfect moisturizer. Did it take any of you this long to find yours? I’ve started using Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, which every natural blogger/vlogger raves about. I like it much better than the Cantu leave in (I now use this in my spray bottle of water and Aloe Vera juice), but it still seems too slick to be used alone. I’ve been following up after it with my DIY Shea and Jojoba balm. I think for my next twist out I may use just my balm and see how my hair feels. My hair tends to be super dry and I have to moisturize almost every night. Suppose that’s normal for thirsty hair, but it can be time consuming.

Any suggestions for moisturizers?  Next I think I’ll try the Elasta P Olive Oil and Mango Butter moisturizer. I’m going to continue to rock my hair out for a few more months then install either Havana or large Senegalese twists. I’m attending a wedding and going on a 10 day cruise in October, figured it would be a good time to have in a protective style I don’t have to worry about.

Here’s my 6 month length check. I think it grew about 2 inches!

My next post will be about washing a twa. I’ve started doing it a new way and it has seriously minimized my tangling and those dreaded fairy knots. I’ll also do a tutorial on flat twists on short hair.  I should have the Elasta P product by then and I’ll do a review of that too.


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