Oh Oh Oil

I’ve been wanting to try oil rinsing for some time now, but just haven’t had to the time to add it to my wash routine. I finally did last week and now I don’t know why it took me so long! If your wash routine is anything like mine you cleanse, condition, rinse, perhaps then deep condition and style. We’ll oil rinsing can go right in between cleanse and condition. It’s a small extra step that, after my final rinse, left my hair so soft I thought I still had product in it, seriously.
Oil rinsing is just adding a layer of oil before your conditioner for longer lasting moisture. If you detangle in the shower oil rinsing is great for extra slip.  Oil rinsing also decreases single strand knots, which seem to be taking over my head! I’m looking forward to how incorporating oil rinsing will affect my hair. Steps below:
After cowashing and finger detangling, sectioning your hair into four parts.Take about a quarter size amount of oil, it can be any light oil such as coconut, avocado or almond oil, and run it through each section. I used almond oil.Apply your favorite rinse out conditioner to each section on top of the oil. I chose to use Pantene Natural Deep Conditioner. Even though it’s a deep conditioner its light weight and super creamy.Let this sit in your hair for 3-5 minutes. Full disclosure I left mine in for 10 minutes, shhhhh. Plastic cap is optional.

Rinse thoroughly, add your leave in and style as usual.
I braided my hair, sealed my ends and was ready for bed

Here are the results of my braid out.

What new steps have you added to your wash routine?


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