Edge Control

My trouble area has always been my edges. They have notoriously been thin, spars and at one point very bald. Blame it on the years of micro braids, glued weave (ahhh!) and just blatant neglect. Once I decided to go natural, the state of my edges became more and more of an issue. I could no longer hide behind my permed hair, which I conveniently swopped to the side to conceal the problem. With my hair in its short kinky state it was time to get serious about the condition of my edges and develop a regimen to growing them back.

Before I started my regimen

Like many blogs and videos will tell you the key to any hair growth is consistency. No product, regardless of the price, will magically work overnight. You have to find what your hair likes and stick to it. Whether it’s your wash routine, moisturizing frequently or growing back sections of your hair, consistency is the only way to see results. Below are the products and techniques I used to grow my edges back healthy and strong:
Water – any healthy hair regimen starts with water. If your edges are dry they will break. Keep them soft and moisturize with water or water based, light products like a leave-in or jojoba oil
Black Jamaican Castor Oil – I pretty much only use this product for my edges and ends. Every night before tying my hair up, I moisture my edges with water, take a dime size of BJCO and rub it all around the front of my hair line. It’s thick and known for growing back problem areas
Massage –10 minutes of massaging will stimulate your hair follicles and promote hair growth…and it feels so darn good! After I rub on the BJCO I massage it into my scalp for about 10 minutes. And then wrap my silk or satin scarf to protect my hair as I sleep
Vitamins – After I big chopped I started taking Hairfinity. Now I’m not sure how much these pills contributed to my hair growth, but I didn’t see any really change to my hair, personally. I stopped taking them after about a month and decided to just incorporate multivitamins, fish oil and biotin in my diet. These vitamins have kept my hair and nails strong and healthy.


I’ve seen videos of other naturals using Emu Oil and even Rogaine. There are a few different options available, try them out and see what works. If you have braids or weave, don’t forget to leave your edges out. The tight tension on the braids or thread can break your edges off and you’re right back to where you started.


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