The Naked Fro

Very often, intentionally or not, natural hair blogs can feed into the hype of hair typing. The blogger raves about whichever newest and latest products claim to ‘define your curls’, ‘eliminate shrinkage’ or ‘loosen your kinks’. And if you’re a new natural (or even just a compulsive buyer) you run right out and pick up every custard, cream and soufflé gel because you believe you need them. I’m speaking from experience because I still have a draw full of products that do absolutely nothing for my hair. There’s no wonder the natural hair care market is projected to be worth $761 million by 2017. I love trying new products, in fact nothing excites me more than walking into the beauty supply store and looking at the endless options.

But take a moment and think about what those products are offering. ‘Looser’ and ‘defined’ are just code words for ‘there’s no way your hair can be pretty on its own, you need our help’. If you haven’t noticed yet, the standard image for natural hair is usually 3c type pattern, one that is super curly, bouncy and always shinning. Rarely do we see 4b or 4c hair that is idolized and made to seem beautiful. Products for 4b hair are marketed as the ‘magic fixer’ to get your hair as close to the desired look as possible. Guess what? 4b hair will never look like 3c hair. So rather than spend hundreds on products looking to change your hair, why not find the products that work best WITH your hair. Simple products like oils, light leave-ins and wait for it…water! *gasp*

How comfortable are you wearing your naked fro? No custards, styling balms or gels just your hair in its natural state, moisturized but not necessarily ‘defined’. Like makeup, I never want to rely on an assortment of products to feel beautiful or acceptable. Our hair is magic, even when it’s naked! We shouldn’t feel obligated to change or manipulate our hair into something it is not to fit into the natural hair spectrum.

So I’m challenging you to rock your fro in its natural state twice a week for a month. During those days you can only use the three product I mentioned earlier (oils, a light leave in and water). You can add an additional moisturizer like Shea butter or a cream, but no styling products. You can’t use any product that promises to loosen or define your curls to make them ‘beautiful’, because the point of this is to recognize that they are already beautiful. Tight, kink, curly hair is beautiful, versatile and sexy. The more we embrace the natural state of our hair the more we will love ourselves, just the way we are


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