I am so excited to announce I am now an official CurlsUnderstood Ambassador! I’ll be featured on their website sharing my hair tutorials, tips and more. It’s great exposure for GWNC and I’m just exstatic to be apart of a great community of natural Queens. My voice will continue to celebrate black women, our beautiful hair and 

Honestly, I submitted my application thinking I wouldn’t be selected. I wrote the short essay on why I would be a great CurlyAmbassador, I included the link to my blog and the link to my IG (follow me!), I hit send and it never crossed my mind again. At the time I didn’t have my blog’s Twitter set up (you can now follow me!), I don’t make YouTube videos (what do you think should I start??), I just thought ‘they’ll probably select someone with more followers or more content available or even someone with ‘better’ hair than mine. I know, I know but we all fall victim to insecurities. We tend to tell ourselves that we’re not good enough or we don’t deserve the many blessings God has for us. Why? Why do we continue to do that to ourselves? 

This is just a small example of what happens when we just go for it. Think of all the things you could accomplish if you went for your dreams, if you just tried. Nothing is wrong with trying and failing. But imagine if you tried and succeeded. How glorious the feeling! Stop the self-doubting. Stop that voice that’s telling you ‘nah don’t even think about going for that’ because it’s wrong. It’s oh so wrong. 

“The worst enemy to creatively is self-doubt” -Sylvia Plath 


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