Sealing Your Ends for Smooth Moisturized Hair

Dry brittle ends is usually a topic saved for the winter months, but for us tighter curled girls it’s something we deal with all year round. And if you have a more kinky hair texture like mine, combating dry strands is an everyday battle. You spend the time to moisturize your hair and even just a day later it can feel as if nothing has touched it. That’s where sealing your ends comes to the rescue. Topping your moisturizing cream with a butter or an oil locks in the moisture for longer lasting softness and shine. Some naturals prefer a lighter oil, like almond or coconut but I’ve found that those oils do not last very long on my hair, I prefer BJCO or Shea butter. I also added an extra step that most kinky curly girls wouldn’t dare… a comb! For a while I was nervous to use a comb with my hair, many videos and blogs advise against it especially with kinkier hair. However, I say contrary to popular belief we 4something girls can use combs as long as we’re careful and work slowly. Lighting combing my ends once a week has really made a difference in sealing my ends and lasting moisture. Here’s what you’ll need:

Water based creamy moisturizer

Black Jamaican Castor oil (or any heavy type of oil)

Comb (optional)

Satin scarf

Section off a small to medium portion of hair. Mist the section with water (if your hair is freshly washed/damp you can skip this step). Take your favorite cream moisturizer and work that into the section. I like to rub my hands down the section 4 or 5 times, and really massage the product in. Next take a comb, I use a medium tooth, or you could even use a denman brush and lightly detangle your ends. Go slow and take your time as to not snag or break your hair. This should only be done after you’ve thoroughly finger detangled your hair. Lastly, take the oil or butter of your choice and smooth that into the section, paying close attention to the ends. Combing the ends ensures there are no knots, allow the product to distribute evenly, plus your twists or braids won’t have those dreadful puffy ends. I hate those! After you’ve finished your entire head, tie your hair down with a satin scarf.


If the BJCO is too heavy try different oils until you find one that works for you. Each of our hair is unique, try out different methods and techniques and if your hair loves it then stick with it. Trust me, you’ll know right away if something isn’t working.

What are some none popular techniques that seem to just work for your hair?


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