How To: Make Your Own Donut Bun

The trend of the top bun is huge for summer and no doubt it’ll be carried on into the fall. I could see it now with a gorgeous plum lip and chunky sweater, fall/winter are my favorite seasons, I am so looking forward to rocking to look. For us type four curly hair girls getting our hair up into a ponytail, let alone a bun, is struggle city! And if you have a twa, you can basically forget about it… or should you? Don’t let length keep you from a trend, grab a pack of Marley braiding hair, a donut bun (if you don’t have one here’s a great tutorial to make your own) and some hair pins and make your own top bun! here’s how:
1) Pull about 5-8 strands of Marley Hair from the pack
2) Slip the ends through the donut bun hole and hold it down with your finger
3) Begin wrapping the hair around the bun and sliding the hair through the hole
4) Continue wrapping until the whole bun is covered with hair. Depending how big your donut bun is you should have 3-4 inches if hair hanging out. You can either cut it or leave it and wrap it around your natural hair once you secure the bun.




And you’re done!


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