I Hate Black Women

Amazon is carrying a book titled ‘I Hate Black Women’, the synopsis is as follows:

Written with true brevity by T.C. Writer, ‘I Hate Black Women’ sees the author reach out to fellow African American females with a message most in society are too scared to shout; it’s time to stop pointing the blame at others, cut down on the attitude and regain the femininity lost decades ago. While they may first come across as shocking and even hateful, Writer’s words are nothing but a bold attempt to reach out and see her race do better, using language that will best strike a chord.

I hate Black women because I hate myself? I know, I know you Black women are so predictable when it comes to placing the blame or pointing the finger at someone else. What has been overlooked is that the Black race would not be on the world’s hit list if it wasn’t for the actions of the Black woman. Your Hate and foolishness is a cycle that continues to repeat itself over and over again. No one is holding you accountable for the way you wish to express your free will so you kept pushing and pushing and now you have to face reality.

Sigh. Reason 3762894 why I will continue to uplift and praise Black women. We should not be bundled into this hurtful and stereotypical caricature of what others believe we all are. T.C. goes on to describe black women on government assistant as lazy and trash. This picture of the fat black, lazy, welfare queen with 5 kids is old and tired; especially when more of us are going to college and starting our own businesses than ever. Actually, a higher percentage of white families receive food stamps than blacks, but where’s the ‘I hate white women’ book? You probably won’t see one, because they rarely ever throw each other under the bus. Also this supports the media’s agenda and portrait of every black woman in America….and it’s just annoying, hurtful and sad. Especially hurtful coming from one of us.

The author then blames the Black woman’s anger and lack of femininity for the reason our men don’t want us or stick around. Riiighhhttt. Why is it that our anger is dissected and placed as the blame for the entire Black race’s condition? And even if some black women are angry, so what! Are we not allowed to be disappointed and, OK sure, mad at how some black men perceive us? And what about their actions? So all dead beat dads are the direct result of black women and our so called unwillingness to submit? It’s pathetic and I’m not buying it, literally.

I’m directly offended by this book even though I’ve never been on gov. assistance, a teen mom, or any of the women she describes in her book. I’m offended because of the title and her description of us; it’s toxic and dangerous. And the fact that she is a black woman herself, by her own definition, she’s just as bad! But I suppose she thinks this book frees her of any guilt, like she is actually helping the community. When in reality, the only people that are reading and reviewing this book are white women who are probably laughing their asses off. T.C. Writer could have used her platform to praise black women who are ‘winning’, and to inspire those who may be struggling. Instead she chose to write this horrible excuse for a ‘self-help’ book that only slanders black women rather than help.

Our anger does not have to be apologized for. We all have complicated layers. We each have been through trials, good and bad, that have very well shape our lives. Black women are strong, resilient, forgiving and loving creatures. Black women are the most beautiful things on Earth. I love Black women. And I don’t care what this book, FOX news or any ‘sister’ has to say about it.

If anyone cares there is a petition you can sign here to ask Amazon to remove the book.


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