A Conscious Thanksgiving

The debate on whether we should or shouldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving arises every year. 

The original and true history behind the holiday is the celebration of the horrendous genocide of indigenous people, while today the meaning is more of a heartfelt gathering around food with family, friends and giving thanks for our blessings. So should the original meaning of something matter if today it’s meant to be positive ? 

This reminds me of the debate on whether or not white people or any non black person should be allowed to say ‘Nigga’. Many argue that they shouldn’t use the word because the original meaning is degrading, viscous and a racial slur. Today though the word Nigga, when used unmaliciously, means friend, a term of endearment even!  So if the intentions are good should they get a pass?? Should we all then be able to celebrate Thanksgiving and not pay homage to those who were slaughtered and sold into slavery by visiting Pilgrams?

I suppose it’s a matter of personal choice. Most of us don’t even know the true story of Thanksgiving (because what they taught us in school is practically propaganda) as we feast and shop deals, while those remaining Indian tribes recognize this as a day of mourning for their ancestors. This country was basically stolen by our forefathers at the expense and murders of those here first. That should be remembered. 

Let’s acknowledge the romancing of what really happened in the 1600s. Say a prayer for those first Americans and their families who were slaughtered, while still giving thanks for our families and blessings. The origin of Thanksgiving isn’t lost if we choose to remember it. However, the evolution of today’s Thanksgiving is one of appreciation, love and gratefulness….and food! Hard to skip out on that. 


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