Updated Wash Routine

I’ve had the same wash routine since becoming natural a little over two years ago. Recently though I’ve been trying to listen to my hair and give it more of what it needs. I’ve always been consistent with my moisturizing regimen, but I’ve never really focused on the cleansing of my hair. After discovering cowashing last year, I pretty much stopped shampooing altogether. Cowashing only once a week worked well, but I want to try out different wash methods and see how my hair responds. I started my new wash routine in December 2015 and I’ve notice some changes. Mostly my braid outs and twist outs are more defined. This probably comes as no surprised, styles tend to do better on clean hair lol. But I would have never noticed the difference if I hadn’t switched up my routine. Check out my new weekly regimen and let me know how yours differ!

Shampoo – once a week
Since I barely every shampooed my hair, I had a hard time finding one that I liked. I’ve tried both Cream of Nature argon oil and Straight from Eden shampoos. Both, although cleansing, left my hair really dry and not very happy. After receiving the Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 shampoo in an event gift bag, I figured this would be a good time to try it and I’m loving it. It is so moisturizing, my curls actually become define while using it. It cleanses my hair very well, I only need to wash each section once. Afterwards my hair feels moisturized, soft and has great ‘snap back’ (that’s when you stretch your curls and they pop back nice and defined)

Cowash – once a week

As mentioned with my previous routine I exclusively cowashed and only shampooed every six weeks. Cowashing is a great substitute for shampoo if you want to reset your hair, but you don’t want to use a strong cleanser. I’m using my favorite (seriously so good!) cowash by Pantene Truly Natural, as my midweek refresher. This cowash cleanses, moisturizes and detangles all in one step. I like to follow it up with a creamy conditioner to take the softness and moisture even further. Right now I’m using OGX Smooth and Hydrate Argon oil and Shea butter condition. I got this conditioner on sale for $4.99 at Rite Aid (normally $8.99 and currently $5.74 on Walmart.com) and I love it. It’s super creamy and feels like butter on my hair. Wish I would have brought two L
Wash and Go

Now that my new routine calls for a mid-week wash, I’ve been incorporating wash and goes. This is a style that is hard for some type 4 naturals to master but with the right technique and products we too can achieve the perfect wash and go. Check out this video from the Salon Series by Taren Guy and her stylist friends. I followed Anthony Dickey’s steps to the prefect wash and go for kinky textures and loved the results.

Have you switched up your routine for the New Year? Share some new techniques you’re incorporating!



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