Say Yes to Carrots?

It’s been awhile since my last blog post. The past two months have been crazy! With a big move, learning a different city and meeting new people, it’s been hard getting back into the swing of things…and by things I mean writing and my blog, which I dearly miss.

Enough of the ‘pity party’, I’m back today and with a product review! Recently I was in Walmart and came across the brand Yes To Carrots, well actually the brand name is Yes To and each product line is followed by an all natural vegetable, fruit or ingredient, such as carrots, cucumbers, and charcoal. It just so happens the Yes to Carrots collection was on sale and caught my eye. After reading the packaging (written with wit and humor) I then became intrigued. The shampoo and conditioner contain carrot seed oil, which is a nourishing extract stimulates hair growth, strengthen hair roots and make hair sooth and shinny. Both the shampoo (95%) and conditioner (97%) use all natural ingredients, paraben-free and were under $6. I decided to give them a try

Nourishing Shampoo

After wetting my hair in the shower I applied a dime size…ok who am I kidding, no natural ever applies a dime size of anything. I applied about three dimes size amount of shampoo in my hand and began massaging into my hair. I focused on my scalp and my edges, where we tend to get a lot of product build up. As I shampooed I noticed my hair did become a little stiff, normal for cleaning shampoos, surprising for one that claims to be nourishing. Even more surprising after I rinsed the shampoo out, my hair was literally squeaky clean. I don’t think I’ve every experienced that with a shampoo. As I ran my hands on top of my hair I could hear it squeak, as if I was cleaning a mirror! Now some naturals may not like that stripped clean feeling, but I don’t mind it ever once in a while to really cleanse my hair and scalp, it’s about preference.  Although it didn’t leave my hair feeling straw and brittle, unlike some other brands that will remain nameless, I honestly still wouldn’t call this shampoo moisturizing. It did however get the job done and got my scalp and hair clean.

Nourishing Conditioner

Like the shampoo, the Yes to Carrots conditioner did not feel very moisturizing. I squeezed a good amount of it into my hands and as I began applying it onto my hair it wasn’t very condition-y (yes I’m making that word up). Not sure how to explain it, but it applied to my hair sort of like a mousse would or a leave-in. It was very slick, watery even and my hair seemed to absorb it very quickly. I left it in for about 5-8 minutes and rinsed. Afterwards my hair felt soft but nothing really to rave about. I’ve have immediate and better results with other conditioners. I think the same is true with the conditioner as the shampoo, preference. I prefer a thicker conditioner, one with more slip and that sits on my hair to soften my curls.

While my results weren’t life changing, they were ok. Not sure I would recommend these products to anyone, particularly to a natural with tight, kinky hair.  Perhaps even these two products just aren’t meant for type 4 hair. They may produce better results on a looser even straight hair types. Over all I’d use the shampoo again, probably every other month for a super deep cleanse and skip the conditioner.

Have you guys tried Yes To Carrots or any of their collections? how’d you like them?



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