Faux Bun and Curly Bang Tutorial

Hi Queens!
I posted this look on my Instagram (give me a follow at GirlWithNoCable for daily natural hair posts and brown girl inspiration) and asked if you guys would like a tutorial. I unfortunately didn’t film it, but that’s not going to stop me from sharing! I got this pack of hair from…wait for it…. Dollar General! did you know they sold packed hair? And only $1.  I was so surprised and excited I bought 5 packs and started thinking of some styles. This is what I came up with! I hope the instructions are clear the pictures are helpful. Check out the below for how I achieved this sexy faux bang and bun look. What you’ll need is:
1 pack of braiding hair (you can also use kanekalon hair)
Orange or larger rods
small rubber bands
boiling water
hair pins
comb, brush and gel
Making the Bang

Step 1 – Boil five cups of water and remove the braiding hair from the package, do not split the hair.

Step 2 –  From the bottom of one end of the hair, measure about 8-10 inches up and tie a rubber band there.
Step 3 -Take a small piece of hair from your 8-10 inches, starting from the bottom, roll an orange rod (or larger size, any smaller size your curls will be too tiny), leaving about 2 inches near the rubber band. Don’t worry about the bang being too long, you can always cut it later. After each piece is rolled, cut the roller ends from the rest of the hair, about an inch above the rubber band.
Step 4- Once the section is rolled, dip the rodded ends of the hair into the boiling water and leave for about 3 min. Remove from the boiling water, let cool  and dry for 20 minutes.
*hair from pack
*dipped in hot water with the rods and drying
*dry and fluffed
Attach the Bang
Step 5 – After the rodded ends are dry remove the rods and begin separating the curls. You can also use a comb to fluff out the curls.
Step 6 – Brush and apply gel to your natural hair until it is up into a high bun. Take the rubber band end of the bang and attach it to your bun. The bang should fall right above your eyebrows. If it’s too long you can cut and shape it or pin it up towards the bun until it’s how you like it.
Making the Bun
This step is super easy and you’ve probably done this a million times. Take the other half of the hair and tie a rubber band on the end. Take that end and place the rubber band around your natural bun and on top of the bang (this will cover any pins you have holding the bang). Begin wrapping the hair around your bun and pinning it so it’s secure. The bun can be as big as you like, I used all the hair. I also shifted my bang to the side, and cut layers so it framed my face.
And that’s it! This style is so gorgeous, I just love how easy it was to create, it’s also a great protective style. Tag me on IG if you decide to recreate this look!

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