Ageno’s Sweet Things Product Review

When I started GirlWithNoCable I had many goals in mind. I wanted to learn about my kinky hair texture, I wanted to share what I learned, techniques and products that worked. More though, I wanted to inspire black women, those with my hair texture or different, to love themselves, to believe in themselves, and to know that they are Queens, worthy of anything they’re hearts can dream of. I love encouraging women and supporting their ideas, products and businesses. So when I was approached by Agneno of Ageno’s Sweet Things to review her new all-natural hair and body line, I was too excited.

Agent’s Sweet Things was started in the owner’s very kitchen. All ingredients are natural, safe, and some even come from her garden! Whether it’s body butters, lip balm or shampoo, there is a definitely a product for everyone. Familiar ingredients such as Shea butter, rosemary, honey and avocado are used to create each hand made order.

I, being a natural hair product junkie of course, requested the Coconut shampoo, Avocado deep conditioner and Shea Butter Curl Pudding, pictured below


I started with the Coconut Shampoo. After rinsing my hair with water I poured about a quarter size amount into my hand and began working it into my scalp. Immediately I felt a tingle and smelled the aroma of peppermint, later I found out I was right, along with coconut oil pure peppermint oil is infused for a . I shampooed twice, mostly out of habit not because the first time didn’t get my hair clean, and my hair felt so good. Some naturals don’t like that squeaky clean sound cause it can leave your hair feeling dry, but with Agent’s shampoo I didn’t experience that at all. Contrary, my hair felt very moisturized, soft and clean. Here’s my hair freshly shampooed, rinsed and no product.



I then applied the Avocado Deep Conditioner. I was surprised at the texture but kept an open opinion, I’m used to a more thicker, heavier DC. It went on very oily, not creamy at all and it didn’t smell as expected, Agent’s Sweet Things doesn’t use any harmful fragrances. Nonetheless I applied the DC all over, put on a plastic bag and let it sit for about 2 hours. After rinsing it out, truth be told I wasn’t too impressed. Not sure if it was the other ingredients, but my hair felt dry and I actually had to follow up with Aussie 3-minute moisturizer to soften it up again. Now, it may be because I applied the DC on semi dry hair instead of soaking wet hair (which was later suggested by the owner) but I would have to try it again to see if that made a difference.

I then applied a good amount of the Shea Butter Curl Pudding to sections of my hair. I two strand twisted the sections and knotted the ends. The curl butter was soft, very buttery, I loved how moisturizing it was especially to my ends.


I started knotting my ends when ever I do twists or braid outs because it just adds a nice complete curl to each look. After finishing I had about 12 twists, I left the twist in for two days. When it came time to remove them I applied a little bit of the Shea curl pudding to my fingertips and unraveled the twists.My hair was super defined, super soft and so shiny.


I separated the curls and created this beautiful wavy pattern that I’ve never really seen my hair do before. I pinned the curls to one side and began fluffing and shaping.


Over all I really loved Ageno’s (which means ‘to trust’ in Acholi) Sweet Things product. The shampoo was honestly one of the best cleansers I’ve ever used. Although the DC wasn’t my favorite, I absolutely will be using the curl butter for my future styles. If you’d like to get your hands on some of Ageno’s products you can visit her Facebook page here.







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