Stitch’D Factory

Hey Queens!

I really need to get on a schedule for posting here… it’s just so easy doing everything from Instagram. BTW, if you aren’t following me on IG then you’re missing out! I share all my hair tips, styles and purchases there. If you do follow me on IG than you may have seen this pic


The hat I’m wearing is the Williamsburg from Stitch’D Factory, a really awesome knit shop that carries hats, scarves, ear warmers and beanies. The creator and owner India Yahsmein is a lovely friend of mine and she hand makes every item! There are so many styles and colors, it’s hard to pick just one to love. Here are a few shots of her dope pieces:

FullSizeRender (3).jpg         fullsizerender-4


How cute is that backpack?! If you still need gift ideas for Christmas or the upcoming holidays, this is it. Many of the pieces are unisex, functional and fashionable…plus you’ll be supporting a black-owned business which you know I am a bigggg big fan of! You can purchase Stitch’D Factory here and be sure to check out her IG at Stitch_dfactory.

Til next time –


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