Bring on the New Year!

I look forward to the end of every year. Not only for the family gatherings, end of year sales, and the delicious food, but for the reflection. I love looking back at the last 360 or so days before the New Year and noting what has changed, what has challenged me and where I have grown. 2016 was a evolving year. I moved from my beloved city of New York to North Carolina. D and I purchased our first home. I started a brand new job, met all new people. 2016 was definitely a year of change.

Even with all those changes, some obviously good, others very scary, I know 2017 will be bigger and better! 2017 will bring in more challenges, more memories and more chances for us to get it right…what ever your ‘it’ is. For me it growth. I always make it a point to 

Goal 1 – Focus

I want to stop using the excuses of ‘I’m tired’ or ‘I don’t have time’ to accomplish the things I set out to do. I’m constantly

Goal 2 – Reading

In 2015 I read over 25 books, 2016 I think I got through 4. Granted I don’t have those two hours of commuting on the subway anymore, I used to get a lot of my reading done then, but I know I could be spending more time at home reading. 

Goal 3 – Anxiety

This past year I finally acknowledge my anxiety. It’s been pretty high with the transition, but instead of brushing it off like I always do, I decided to actually live in it and release it. In 2017 I want to find more proactive ways to work through my anxiety whether it’s work, life or personal. I want to stop guilting myself for feeling frustrated or lost whenever . Our emotions are real and there’s nothing wrong with 


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