Back and Up!

I took a break from posting, while I contemplated renaming and rebranding my site. After some thought, I’m keeping the name ‘GirlWithNoCable’ and it’s message. Thank you to each and every Queen who has visited my site, read a post, liked or commented. I took for granted the space I made here.

I won’t ever again.

Creating content and inspiring others is a passion that I sometimes treat as a chore. I get discouraged, distracted, I talk myself out of posting and sharing with the simple phrase ‘no on cares’. I mean, yes people care, but who cares what I have to say? May be no one…but maybe just one. I care about black women, I care about our well being, our culture, our hair, our bodies. I care about our sisterhood and I want to talk about what make me happy, inspired and what scared the shit out of me. I think others can relate to that.

This next chapter will be interesting. Setting up new goals, stepping out on faith, getting over my fears all while trying to be open, honest and helpful.



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