Professional Procrastinators Unite

Hey Queens!

Here we are more than half way through 2017 and this is my third post on GWNC. Shame on me. I’m not typing this for self-loathing or to make excuses. I’m here for the come up and to better! My mantra of ‘speak things into existence’ works, but not without the actions to support them. I’m setting myself up to succeed by altering the structure of my day and adding a few tools to remain accountable. Manifesting real change takes time and effort, they say dreams don’t work unless you do, so this is me doing!

Early bird gets the tea

Not the gossip kind, peppermint to be exact. My mornings now start at 5:30am with a cup of tea and my laptop. By waking up an hour and a half earlier each morning I’m extending my daily productivity and contribute more time to writing, blogging, branding and CrossFit Fridays. This is a huge deal for me because I love sleep, seriously so much. My husband laughs at me because I can sleep for ten hours and still wake up tired. I started supplementing iron tablets in my diet and noticed my energy has increased. I’m certainly not bouncing off the walls, but that 5:30am wakeup call hasn’t been too bad.

Write it down and watch shit get real

When I feel overwhelmed with tasks or projects instead of taking them on head first, I just want to take a nap. It can be as simple as running errands on Saturdays or needing to catch up on posting. If there are more than three things I know I need to finish I get distracted, unmotivated and conveniently sleepy. What I find extremely helpful is creating a to-do lists. I list every single task that I want to accomplish, even as detailed as “don’t forget to close the blinds before you leave” or “make notes about that new shampoo”. Yes, I make a note to remind myself to make a note. Striving for consistency guys! Something about actually seeing it all written down calms me and I realize it can be done. Nothing beats that feeling of accomplishment when crossing off what you’ve finished.

Content Calendar

Some of us work best with a little structure, so a content calendar is my version of a schedule. Blogging is a hobby that I don’t get paid for (yet? speaking it into the universe!), so I don’t HAVE to post on a regular basis or stick to any deadlines. Hence why I can so easily forget about writing and updating my site. So, to assist with my productivity I am creating a blogging calendar with weekly topics, due dates and planning them out a month in advance. With topics already set I can focus on researching and writing the content and staying consistent. I suggest trying this out with any passion project you may be working on.

me ignoring my to-do list and sleeping instead

Set a Goal or two

Goals can help you stay on track. I’m starting with realistic goals I know I can reach yet, still take me out my current routine. Goal one: post here on my site once a week. If I stick to my content calendar this is totally doable, but even if things get off schedule I will still post pictures, inspiration, relevant articles etc. Objective is to have one new posts live every week. Goal two: pitch to two brands a month. Last year I was actively reaching out to new brands, pitching ideas for collaborations, reviews, etc. Some formed into awesome projects, other we’re just great connections. Point is, I was actively promoting my brand, not sitting idly hoping someone would notice me. A lot of us tend to do that. Let’s not! I’m getting back to putting myself out there.

As a professional procrastinator, I know sticking to this new schedule is going to be tough. In order to track my efforts, I’m dedicating three full months of my new routine. I know I will get discouraged and distracted, but this post here is my declaration! This is me putting it out to the interwebs and make it so someone, anyone could call me out on my shit. After all, isn’t that what the comment section is for?

Are you declaring anything new for the month of August? Post below so we can keep each other accountable and encourage our fellow queens. I’ll be routing for us all.


One thought on “Professional Procrastinators Unite

  1. Love this Winfield!! I have been the same way lately and feel off the productive train! This was a great post to get me inspired for the month of august! If you can get up early so can I! Think it, do it, be it!

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