So You Want to Get Into Podcasts?

Not ashamed to admit I never was a podcast person. I didn’t see the point in them, they confused me and I assumed they’d all be really boring. In fact, my husband tried to get me to listen to a particular podcast for months, and I always dismissed his requests with a smile saying ‘oh yea, I’ll have to take a listen.’ and never would. It wasn’t until last year when he left for a month of training that I turned to podcasts to hear interesting speakers, intriguing topics and cope with being by myself. That sounds sadder than it actually is, honestly. Podcasts provided an escape for me, I got lost in the inspiring stories and funny antics streaming out from my earbuds. It allowed me to get out of my own head and hear the stories of others, I didn’t feel so alone. (again, NOT as sad as it sounds lol)

If you’re like the former me and think podcasts are boring, I’m here to tell you you’re wrong. We’ll, ok some of them can be boring, but not this list! Take a listen during your morning commute, or while relaxing in a bath (if you do that sort of thing) or when you just need another voice in the room. I even included a ‘must listen episode’ for each podcast to get you started:


This American Life

One of my favs, I mean they all are my favorites, but This American Life is one of the few podcasts that have left me a crying mess with tissues all over the floor. Every week, this podcast follows a new American life, or an international life, that challenge our normalcies in the States and your everyday life. It’s intriguing, passionate and extremly interesting.

MLE – 597: One Last Thing Before I Go



Side Hustle Pro

Hubby put me on to this one. Side Hustle Pro – Black Women Business Owners features interviews with black women enterperneurs who developed their business while working a full time job. SHP inspires those of us working on our side passion and looking to turn it into a business. Get real life advise and inspiration from fellow black boss babes.

MLE – 43: How to Side Hustle and Not Get Fired



The Pan African Alliance 

If you’re looking for a woke podcast, this is it. The Pan African Alliance gives information on how you can live a black conscience lifestyle and gain knowledge of self. Topics range from how to support black owned banks and why we should be cautious of what we read, watch, listen to and consume. Some of the episodes are pretty heavy, so listen when in need of empowerment and when your white friends aren’t around.

MLE – 9/17/16: How #BlackLivesMatter Destroyed a Movement



The Read 

Pretty sure this podcast is on every top black podcast list and with good reason, it’s hilarious! Kid Fury and Crissle have such a casual, yet thoughtful banter; mix in topics on pop culture and politics, you got a witty and funny two hour show, that still never seems long enough. If you need a break from serious thoughts and want to laugh at the current state of music, TV and our country, take a listen to The Read.

MLE – 2/2/17: Destiny’s Grandchild




This podcast became really popular in 2015 when it investigated the Bowe Bergdhl (if you need a updated on who he is click the hyperlink on his name) story. Since then, i’ts had two addition season plus a spin off podcast entitled S-Town, which is very good! Just listen to one episode and I promise you’ll immediately be engulfed into the lives of the various people, strange coincidence and surprising outcomes.

MLE – S01: The Alibi


I think I got you started on a pretty good list! Along with these five favorites I also love listening to TED Radio Hour, Freakonomics Radio, Therapy for Black Girls and Switch, Pivot or Quit. There truly is a podcasts for every subject and interest, what are some of your favorites to listen to? share below



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