Life Update

It’s been entirely too long since I’ve posted here. Granted, 2016 has been a crazy year (with a big move, new house, new job…etc.), but I hate that I’ve neglected the one thing that I really enjoy most: writing.  While my Instagram blogging activities have been daily, I need to get back on a schedule … More Life Update

Doubt vs Failure

Facing some new challenges in my career. I became overwhelmed, scared and doubtful of my ability to handle what’s now expected of me. I realized that I needed to check my insecurities. In that moment I let doubt seep in and tell me I wasn’t capable of achieving greatness. That I would fail at something … More Doubt vs Failure


I am so excited to announce I am now an official CurlsUnderstood Ambassador! I’ll be featured on their website sharing my hair tutorials, tips and more. It’s great exposure for GWNC and I’m just exstatic to be apart of a great community of natural Queens. My voice will continue to celebrate black women, our beautiful … More CurlsUnderstood!

5 Quotes from ‘What Happened Miss Simone?’ that made me go Yas!

If you haven’t yet, please go and watch the Netflix documentary ‘What Happened Miss Simone?’ It shows the creative, inspirational and at times sad and violent life of unfogettable pianist, songwriter, singer and activist, Nina Simone. The documentary, produced by Simone’s daughter Lisa Celeste Stroud also a singer and performer, reveals the legendary activist’s life … More 5 Quotes from ‘What Happened Miss Simone?’ that made me go Yas!

The Naked Fro

Very often, intentionally or not, natural hair blogs can feed into the hype of hair typing. The blogger raves about whichever newest and latest products claim to ‘define your curls’, ‘eliminate shrinkage’ or ‘loosen your kinks’. And if you’re a new natural (or even just a compulsive buyer) you run right out and pick up … More The Naked Fro

#Repost…Now What?

Technology is amazing. Through social media sites we can cut, crop and filter ourselves into whatever we want to be. Whether it’s a big booty ‘model’ or a seemingly wealthy life, we can pay for followers, likes and seemingly become someone of status, without putting in that hard work, sacrifice or dedication it takes to … More #Repost…Now What?