Say Yes to Carrots?

It’s been awhile since my last blog post. The past two months have been crazy! With a big move, learning a different city and meeting new people, it’s been hard getting back into the swing of things…and by things I mean writing and my blog, which I dearly miss. Enough of the ‘pity party’, I’m … More Say Yes to Carrots?

Edge Control

My trouble area has always been my edges. They have notoriously been thin, spars and at one point very bald. Blame it on the years of micro braids, glued weave (ahhh!) and just blatant neglect. Once I decided to go natural, the state of my edges became more and more of an issue. I could … More Edge Control

Big Chop Diary

I can’t believe it’s been exactly 365 days since I big chopped, and became 100% natural. A year ago, while getting ready for dinner, I hastily big chopped while my boyfriend was in the bathroom. He came out and I literally had a bag of my hair on the floor. While he was initially mad … More Big Chop Diary

Sunday Funday

A few Sundays ago my boyfriend and I worked out for 7 hours. Yes SEVEN! Not consecutively, but in total we sweated, jumped, skated, climbed and stretched  for practically an entire work day. To be honest, we didn’t plan it that way, it sort of just happened…in a weird convenient (and very tiring) way. I … More Sunday Funday